Small Business Loans For Construction Companies

If you’re the owner of a construction company, you already know that cash flow can sink your business. Without question, general contractors and subcontractors find themselves in a competitive environment.  You may feel at a loss when it comes to meeting expenses.

More than likely, you’ve already considered the prospect of a conventional loan. However, small business owners encounter problems when applying for bank money. Join the crowd if your company receives a loan rejection letter.

Truth be told, banks turn down between sixty to eighty percent of all applications for small business loans for construction companies. It makes it nearly impossible to meet expenses and grow your business.

However, another option exists for businesses in any of the trades. If your company accepts credit cards, you’re most likely eligible for a merchant cash advance.

Business Funding assists contractors and subcontractors in the construction business in funding their operations. A merchant cash advance does not represent a loan.  In fact, the words speak for themselves.

After quick approval of your application, Business Funding arranges a lump sum payment to your business. The money represents an advance and is reimbursed by daily credit card charges authorized by your clients.

The benefit isn’t just the fear of long waiting periods for bank loans that result in rejection. A merchant cash advance allows you enormous flexibility in a couple of ways.

In the first place, you only make payments according to the revenue you bring in. You’re not faced with high monthly payment obligations that appear impossible to meet.

Next, you’re not constrained to use the merchant cash advance in any particular manner. Assumingly, you know why you want money and the best way to use it for your business needs.

Merchant Cash Advances for Construction Companies


Merchant cash advances work for a great number of constructions companies. In this case, consider the construction industry as a broad-based term. You may fall into this category if your business falls into any of the following:


Home Remodelers




Masons or Brick Layers

HVAC Contractors


Painters or Wallpaper Hangers

Dry Wallers or Plasterers


Insulation Contractors

It’s not unusual for tradespeople to experience highs and lows in securing payment. A merchant cash advance helps when you need to find the funds for the following:

  • Meeting payroll or adding staff
  • Ensuring you have the right equipment and tools
  • Purchasing materials
  • Advertising your business
  • Paying subcontractors
  • Securing permits and complying with regulations
  • Renovating office space
  • Maintaining vehicles

The bottom line is that you need money to help your business grow. Business Financing understands your pain points and is ready to assist.

Have questions about how a merchant cash advance works?  Give us a call, and we’ll help you through the application process. Our goal is to assist you in meeting your expenses on the road to your success.

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