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No doubt it’s something you’ve already noticed if you’re in the retail or restaurant business. These days, very few people use cash. Instead, most Americans turn to credit or debit cards for purchases. That said, you may not realize how their use could work to your advantage.

It’s something you most likely know. Whether you own a retail shop or run a restaurant, you cannot predict customer traffic. One day, you’re overwhelmed by an influx of sales. On the very next day, you feel ready to close up the business.

Without question, the ups and downs closely resemble a ride on a roller coaster. And, when you can’t get a handle on cash flow, you’re sure to be concerned.

Let’s get back to the fact that your business relies on money that comes in on credit cards on a daily basis. When you have things to pay for or just can’t make ends meet, you might be surprised to learn that the solution to your cash flow problems rests on your future credit card revenue.

Business Funding can provide your establishment with a merchant cash advance. The application process is quick and easy. Better yet, you’ll have money in hand when you need it the most.

It comes down to determining your restaurant funding needs and qualifications. Repayment works quite simply. With a merchant cash advance, you receive the money up front. You pay it back by agreeing to a proportionate allocation of funds from your daily credit card receipts.


Merchant Cash Advance: How Can You Use the Money?

When it comes to a merchant cash advance, it’s not really about how you can use the money. More so, it’s about the expenses you need to meet and even investments that will make your business prosper.

Unfortunately, typical brick and mortar companies find it challenging to compete with technology. Therefore, they need to do extra to attract customers. Service becomes a major issue. However, the problem becomes when it’s difficult to meet payroll.

Take, for example, the owner of a clothing boutique in a small beach town. Sales boom when the sun shines. Ladies and men alike enjoy personal consultation. However, seasonal businesses face cash flow issues when the weather changes.

Meanwhile, the same might apply to companies in winter resorts. It’s doubtful that ski equipment moves when it’s hot and sunny. Nonetheless, at least one person needs to staff the shop.

The restaurant industry spans from large catering halls to small food trucks. As much as your expenditures fluctuate, they all have common variables. Obviously, you can’t run a food business unless you have the money to fill your stockroom.


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