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What You Need to Know about Merchant Cash Advances

The future of your business looks bright. However, you’re not sure how you’ll get it there. You’ve just hit upon the perfect reason that you’re a great candidate for a merchant cash advance.

Money. Money. Money.  You don’t need song lyrics to recognize the significance cash plays in your business plan. Without it, you might be flat out of luck. How’s that for reality?

Although you might consider a conventional loan, you should also think about the downfalls. For starters, they include:

  • A high percentage of business bank loans are refused
  • You will need to come up with a fixed payment month after month
  • The loan term may go on forever and ever

No doubt all of these reasons suggest that securing a traditional loan doesn’t sound attractive at all. And, did you know? The lender might expect you to put up collateral or make a personal guarantee.

One more thing. When you apply for a conventional loan, you often wait a long time for answers. Do you have time for that?

What Exactly is a Merchant Cash Advance?

A merchant cash advance works on the assumption that your company’s success is imminent. Business Funding specializes in these types of cash advances on exactly that premise.

More than likely, you’re already working with a merchant services provider to process your credit cards. Your revenue receipts provide valuable insight into your business potential.

After you pass the application process for a merchant cash advance, you receive money. Business Funding relies on you to use the funds to pay for your expenses and invest as you see necessary.

Meanwhile, there’s no catch. As the business owner, you’re under no obligation to justify how you use your cash advance. Obviously, you should plan on maximizing your chances for increased revenue.

Repayment of a Merchant Cash Advance

Sound great, so far? How exactly do you repay this money that seemed like it was handed over so quickly?

Once again, remember that your credit card receipts reflect your daily earnings. And, yes, there’s a chance they aren’t as consistent as you’d like them to be.

When you accept a merchant cash advance from Business Funding, you make an agreement. You allow a certain percentage of your daily revenue for repayment of your advance.

What’s the advantage? You could have a slow couple of days and worry only about nominal deductions. As you accumulate more revenue, you come closer to repaying your advance.

Of course, you should expect to pay fees. However, that’s also what happens when you take out a loan from a conventional lender.

The pressure is off. You don’t have to worry about nagging collection calls when you fall behind on a regular loan payment.

Banking Financing makes all the arrangements with your merchant services provider. In the meantime, transactions are generally effectuated by way of ACH payments.

Merchant Cash Advances are processed much faster than a typical advance, giving borrowers quicker access to capital.

Additionally, since Business Funding gives more weight to the underlying performance of a business than the owner’s personal credit scores, our Merchant Cash Advances offer an alternative to businesses who may not qualify for a conventional advance.

We offer our products to businesses in all 50 states and range from $5,000 to $1 million.

Should Your Business Secure a Merchant Cash Advance?

All types of businesses take advantage of merchant cash advances to get them through difficult times. You could need fast cash for something as simple, or as major, as paying your employees.

The list goes on. Perhaps you need to remodel your premises. Maybe you want to ensure your facility utilizes the latest technology. It could be that you need equipment and supplies.

When it comes down to it, applying for a merchant cash advance with Business Funding represents an investment. After all, the future is yours.

Contact us to learn more about our services. We look forward to providing you with the funds that will lead you to your company’s success.

Easy Renewals For Additional Funding When You Need It

You become eligible for renewal when the following criteria is met:

There Is Satisfactory Payment History

50% of Balance Has Been Repaid

Submit Most Recent AR & 3 Months Bank Statements

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