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When your business model involves the sale of goods, you need inventory. After all, it just makes sense. How can you possibly make money selling something if you don’t have enough stock on hand?

More than likely, you already know the high cost of too little inventory. Your marketing plan may be top notch and attract more customers than you ever anticipated.

Of course, turning over inventory faster than expected means that you’re generating sales. That said, you don’t want to end up in a position where your shelves are bare, or your warehouse is empty.

Companies and people themselves often expect and sometimes even require instant gratification. If you can’t fulfill orders on a timely basis, you’ll lose business.

Blame it on the internet, if you must. A few keystrokes and your prospective buyers search out your competitors. The results could mean more than a one-time loss.

Many business owners learn the hard way that customer loyalty doesn’t necessarily exist. Your chances for future and repeat business diminish when you have fulfillment issues.

Inventory comes in all shapes, sizes, and types. For some retail vendors, inventory consists of specialized clothing lines. However, finished goods are not the only items offered for sale.

For example, your business might sell nails used for construction projects. Inventory consists of different types of merchandise, including raw materials used to complete finished products.

No question that inventory of any kind requires money. And, you’ll want to figure out the smartest way to ensure your inventory levels will enable you to make sales and increase revenue.

Merchant Cash Advance for Inventory

Business Funding offers its clients a unique opportunity with inventory financing tailored to your needs. If your customers pay you using a credit card, you may find that a merchant cash advance works better than asking for a traditional business loan.

In the first place, you need to know that you’re not signing up for a loan agreement when you decide to use a merchant cash advance to purchase inventory.

Many business owners enjoy the speed in which applications for merchant cash advances are processed. You decide when you need the money to purchase inventory. It could be you want to cover expenses for an upcoming busy season and don’t have the necessary cash on hand.

Upon approval, a merchant cash advance provides you with money upfront. You can use all or just some of it to purchase inventory so that you don’t have fulfillment issues.

The beauty of this arrangement is how the repayment of the advance works. You negotiate the terms of remittance as a percentage of your sales revenue. The funds are allocated directly from credit card charges made by customers to your business.

There’s another advantage to using a merchant cash advance to purchase inventory. If your sales are low in a particular month, you won’t have to worry about coming up with a loan payment that’s out of your reach.

By the same token, if your sales are doing particularly well, you’ll pay off your advance quicker. And, maybe need to replenish your inventory once again.

Your Business and Its Equipment Needs

Just about every type of business requires some kind of equipment. Of course, manufacturing concerns require different machinery than offices. Companies providing services have particular equipment needs as well.

You may find that traditional financing works for some equipment purchases. However, bank loans are not necessarily the easiest or best option for some small enterprises.

If you’re already in business, you may need equipment financing when something critical goes down. You can’t wait and hope for approval from a large lending institution.

However, you do have another alternative. Business Financing allows you to take an advance on your future sales. It’s the perfect solution when you feel like you need money in a hurry and can count on customer charges to make the payments.

Consider Your Inventory and Equipment Needs

Business Funding provides merchant cash advances to companies concerned about low inventory. Keep your customers away from the competition by ensuring the availability of your products.

You should also consider a merchant cash advance if you’re worried about replacing equipment as expeditiously as possible.

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