Frequently Asked Questions

That’s a great question. As a member of BusinessFunding.Com you will receive savings on multiple aspects of our services. Financing - you will receive your approval based on the rates given directly from the lenders you have most likely been approved from or have worked with in the past with no hidden broker fees, origination fees or upsells. Credit Card Processing – Based upon our proposals you will receive anywhere from a 25-50% discount if not more depending on which of our two programs you decide best fits your clients. Marketing -  With our marketing team, you will receive a $200-$300 per month value where we will broadcast your company and branding across 70+ of the most renowned search engines and directories to help build more of a local presence that will help facilitate the growth of your business. We work to keep your pockets full, while others work you to fill their own!

We are here to save you time by dealing with the day-to-day efforts of marketing, back end sales force, training manuals, as well as processing and procedures. To set an overall standard to make sure you as a business owner do not fail. Good people are hard to find in this business. 80% of your business is utilized by 20% of your sales, with that being said, by potentially financing these campaigns for you will allow you to make more money and free up time so that you can spend more time doing things that you love.

Our Answer to that is simply UNLIMITED! It will take us 3-6 months to implement everything to make sure that all of your wants and needs are met to its fullest potential. Which is the reason why you will receive a 50% discount to give us the opportunity to implement and over deliver, making sure that your expectations are clear and receiving 150% of the value while others are only delivering at 50%

Qualifying and Processing

  • Review application, merchant details and decline criteria
  • Full analysis of bank statements
  • Review credit report and background check


  • In depth review of bank statements and business cash flow
  • Evaluate owner and business details
  • Perform detailed review on public records


  • Review contracts and required stipulations
  • Site inspection must be completed
  • Perform bank login or decision logic
  • Merchant Interview
  • Landlord verification


  • Ensure positive balance in bank account
  • Must have confirmation of COJ tracking
  • Complete recorded funding call